Whistleblowing is positive

Whistleblowing means reporting unacceptable circumstances in the business to someone who can do something about it.
Whistleblowing is good for both the company and society as a whole because it means unacceptable circumstances can be remedied.
People who are willing to whistleblow are an important resource for us.

Olympic will in no way penalise anyone who reports possible dishonest or illegal conduct in our business.

Notification can be given anonymously, but, normally, transparency will make the process easier and ensure a better outcome for all the parties involved.
In any event, all whistleblowing notifications shall be dealt with confidentially, and the whistleblower's identity is confidential information.
The processing and storage of personal information is in accordance with the Personal Data Act and other applicable legislation.

Whistleblowing by employees or external parties

We invite our employees to blow the whistle on unacceptable circumstances.
Unacceptable circumstances include breaking the law and breaching the Olympic policies and other internal rules, as well as the infringement of generally accepted ethical standards.

We have also made it possible for external parties to be able to report unacceptable circumstances in our business.

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If you want to remain anonymous please leave name and email blank.

Please see Guideline for reporting whistleblowing

Olympic Whistleblowing Guideline

Whistleblowing Reporting information

If you want feedback on your Whistleblowing report, please add contact information.
If blank, no feedback needed.

Whistleblowing Information

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