ISO 9001:2008 is the standard for quality management in Olympic Shipping AS. We have a commitment to follow the requirements of this standard at all time.

The Overall Quality Objectives of our Total Management System are to prevent:

  • situations where we are not able to deliver our service according to contract
  • unplanned breakdown/ offhire delaying or giving operational problems for customers
  • customer complaints towards our service
  • damage to customers or other 3rd party cargo or property
  • personnel injuries or environmental incidents


The objectives shall be achieved by multiple specific actions and strategies.

The company considers the most important to be:

  • to maintain, manage and operate the fleet in accordance with the best professional standards
  • to have good communication with customers and suppliers with systematic follow-up
  • to be pro-active when it is discovered that quality of our services can be in danger to be deteriorated
  • to comply with applicable national and international maritime legislation
  • everyone must be safety-minded to prevent injury to oneself or colleagues
  • everyone must know and follow the principles and procedures of Olympic's Total Management System, including all personal duties and responsibilities.
  • everyone must bring to the attention/report any confusion, errors or non conformity’s within Olympic's Total Management System.
  • everyone must bring to the attention/report any discovered accident, dangerous condition, near- miss or other potential risk and take active part in any investigation.