This policy shall apply to anyone engaged in any Olympic Shipping activities. All personell have a duty to act responsibly to prevent damage to the environment

  • We have a vision of zero emission to air and water from our activities.
  • We have a goal of zero spill to the environment.
  • We will continuously work to reduce environmental impact and risk related to our activities.
  • We will always work to improve our energy efficiency and environmental performance.
  • We will set specific environmental targets and improvement measures which shall be rewieved and audited annually.
  • We will comply with all applicable legislation and regulations and our own requirements for environmental aspects, including ISO 14001:2004.
  • We will be in the forefront in our business in environmental issues and strive to use best available equipment and techniques.
  • We will communicate the environmental policy and targets to all personnel involved in our activities and make our environmental policy  available to the public on our web-site. Environmental aspects overview will be regularly reviewed as part of company‚Äôs  management review.
  • We will always have an overview of identified impact on the environment through regular and frequent reporting from the vessels.