Stig Remøy grew up on Remøy, an island in Herøy, a municipality with a long history of fishing. His father and grandfather were fishing masters, and it was natural for him to choose the same profession.

Stig is educated as a Master Mariner from Kristiansand Maritime and Technical College. At the age of 19, Stig together with his father, brothers and some other investors invested in a fishing vessel with a market value of NOK 6 million. The vessel was built in 1941. Stig became master at the age of 21 on factory trawlers operating in Greenland, the Barents Sea, the North Sea, off the coast of Alaska, New Zealand etc.

Throughout the eighties and early nineties, Stig made further investments within fishing while at the same time becoming involved in the offshore industry through acquisition of shares in Sævik Supply AS. In 1994, he bought the PSV Northern Commander and renamed the vessel Olympic Commander. This purchase was the forerunner to Olympic Shipping AS, which Stig established along with Bjørn Kvalsund in 1996. Bjørn is educated Master Mariner with additional Business and Administration degree and has long maritime international experience.

At the start, Olympic Shipping AS operated two offshore vessels and one trawler. These three vessels had a total market value of NOK 120 million. Since its inception, Olympic has invested approximately NOK 12 billion in sophisticated vessels of Norwegian design and technology. All vessels are built at Norwegian yards. The company has throughout its history been involved in several groundbreaking projects for the industry.

In 2016 the Olympic Group was financially restructured. The new parent company Olympic Subsea ASA is established as robust company with a modern subsea fleet with high capabilities. The management company Olympic Shipping AS operates 19 vessels with about 500 employees, including subsidiaries. The headquarter is based in Fosnavåg, Norway. All fishery activities in the group is managed by Rimfrost AS.