Fosnavåg is located on the West Coast of Norway.

Since ancient times the cod- and herring fisheries have taken place off the coast of Møre. In the safe port of Fosnavåg the fishing boats delivered their catch, bought supplies and found shelter against the stormy weather, and the Port of Fosnavåg was often crowded with fishing boats.

The fishing vessels of today are of a different size, the fleet of small fishing boats has been replaced by large ocean going vessels, fishing in the North Atlantic, but also participating in the herring fisheries of the coast. Fosnavåg is still one of the largest fishing ports in Norway.   

In the beginning of the 80ies owners of fishing vessels from Fosnavåg started to invest in offshore vessels. The first vessel bought to Fosnavåg was the second-hand vessels MV Tender Commander, renamed MV Northern Commander and later MV Olympic Commander, Olympics’ first vessel. Since the first investment the fleet of offshore vessels owned and operated by shipping companies in Fosnavåg has increased to above 100 vessels.

Today 7 offshore shipping companies are located in Fosnavåg. The close co-operation between the ship-owners, the designers and the yards in the Sunnmøre region, has led to the most complete offshore service cluster in the world.